B Vitamin

Support metabolism* Energy support* Build and maintain muscle tone* Support immune system* Stimulate alertness*

Coenzyme Q10

Prevents oxidation* Support cardiovascular system* Helps to manufacture ATP energy*

Sodium Butyrate

A short chain fatty acid Enhance your probiotic Gut support* Sequester ammonia*

Balance Oil

Brain function* Immune support* Non-oxidized high linoleic safflower oil (LA) Expeller pressed flaxseed oil (ALA)


Promotes relaxation* Brain, muscle and tissue support* Calm upset stomach*

BodyBio PC

Pure liposomal phospholipid complex Non-GMO Essential for memory* Support brain functioning* Boost cognition and focus*


Cardiovascular support* Immune support* Circulatory system support* Mood enhancement* Co2 extraction prevents heat from damaging the delicate polyunsaturated fats

A Professional Athlete’s Road to Recovery

Hey everyone, Renée Tomlin here to talk about ‘recovery’. For a bit of background information, I’m a professional triathlete and member of Team USA in international competition. I’ve been competing in triathlon since 2014 with an Olympic focus, and ran competitively in college and at the elite…

Thanks For The Memories

The pestering head of occasional forgetfulness rears itself just about the time we reach middle age. That happens because the brain has more than one location in which to store information. Even after we have become creatures of routine things go awry. Taking things for granted and performing…

Phillip Plath

ElyteSport Success Story Phillip started mountain bike racing in 1994 and helped invent his very own racing category – Clydesdale. California’s state championship series has had the category since 1995. Clydesdale racers have to be at least 200 pounds. Phillip won the state…