What You Need To Know About Mold In Your Food

Certain fungi, like mushrooms or yeast, are a delightful addition to your plate; when it comes to mold, however, we cannot say the same. Like yeast and mushrooms, mold thrives in a moist environment, but unlike the former, molds damage the material on which they live, impairing structural integrity…


Fight cramps* Replenish & hydrate* Restore energy levels* Improve stamina*

BodyBio PC - Liquid

Pure liposomal phospholipid complex Non-GMO Essential for memory* Enhanced brain functioning* Boost cognition and focus*

Vitamin C Crystals

Immunity + Iron + Neurotransmitter Support naturally sourced from cassava root, not corn Without artificial colors, sugars or preservatives Boost your immunity naturally*


Contains no copper or iron Boosts energy* Stimulate alertness* Support metabolism and immune system*


Grown in glass tubes to prevent contamination Complete amino acid-based food

Magnesium Carbonate

Takes part in more than 300 metabolic and enzyme reactions* Supports physiological processes* Aids in muscle relaxation*

Betaine HCI

No artificial colors, sugars, or preservatives Sourced from non-GMO beets


A short chain fatty acid Enhance your probiotic Gut support* Sequester ammonia*

B Vitamin

Support metabolism* Energy support* Build and maintain muscle tone* Support immune system* Stimulate alertness*