What You Need To Know About Mold In Your Food

Certain fungi, like mushrooms or yeast, are a delightful addition to your plate; when it comes to mold, however, we cannot say the same. Like yeast and mushrooms, mold thrives in a moist environment, but unlike the former, molds damage the material on which they live, impairing structural integrity…


Fight cramps Replenish & hydrate Restore energy levels Improve stamina

BodyBio PC - Liquid

Pure liposomal phospholipid complex Non-GMO Essential for memory Enhanced brain functioning Boost cognition and focus

Vitamin C Crystals

Immunity + Iron + Neurotransmitter Support naturally sourced from cassava root, not corn Without artificial colors, sugars or preservatives Boost your immunity naturally


Contains no copper or iron Boosts energy Stimulate alertness Optimal cell membrane Support metabolism and immune system


Grown in glass tubes to prevent contamination Complete amino acid-based food Improve cholesterol Balance blood sugar Detoxify

Magnesium Carbonate

Takes part in more than 300 metabolic and enzyme reactions Nature’s calcium blocker Supports physiological processes Aids in muscle relaxation

Betaine HCI

No artificial colors, sugars, or preservatives Sourced from non-GMO beets Cardiovascular support Protects the liver


A short chain fatty acid Enhance your probiotic Gut support Sequester ammonia Balance blood sugar

B Vitamin

Support metabolism Energy Build and maintain muscle tone and Support immune system Stimulate alertness