International Sales

At this time we can only ship orders in the United States. See below for a list of International Distributors.

International BodyBio Distributors

Australia & New Zealand:
BodyBio Direct


Spectrum Supplements
Phone: (888) 607-5958

Centrosan B.V.
Kontaktbüro Deutschland
Struenseestraße 3
D-22767 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 30684440

PT. Medtracos Esana Prima
Jakarta, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 21 42803535

Phone: 5552591414
Fax: 5552591414


The Netherlands:
Centrosan B.V.
Karveelweg 30a
NL-6222 NH Maastricht

Phone: +31 43 352 31 60

Heaven's Brew Inc.
10 Buenconsejo Street
Mandaluyong City
Philippines 1550
Phone: (632) 7194565

AC Solutions
Phone: (65)64713383

Paracelsus Apotheke
Phone: (41)554184070
Email: Paracelsus@active.Ch

United Kingdom:
Nutri-Link, Ltd.
Phone: (44)8704054002

International Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase from BodyBio directly?
We strongly recommend that you purchase from one of our International Distributors, as the cost of shipping can be quite high to some countries.  You may also incur additional expenses that are a result of your countries taxes, customs fees, duties, etc.   

Can I purchase from your Internet site?
No.  Our Internet site is only set up to ship within the United States at this time.  If you want to purchase direct from BodyBio, please send your information to: .  (Be sure to include your name, billing address, shipping address, and a list of the items that you are interested in purchasing.)

Do your International distributors charge the same retail prices as BodyBio?
Most do, however, their prices may seem higher because they have calculated in the cost of shipping, taxes, and any other fees that have been incurred from International Shipping.

Will I incur any extra expenses by ordering direct from BodyBio?
Many countries customs departments charge taxes, duties, and other fees when an order is received from outside the country.  That amount is usually based on the invoice and is the customers responsibility.